The Corporate Secretary appointed by the Board of Directors, and takes all necessary measures to ensure the preparation and holding of the General Meeting of Shareholders and meetings of the Board of Directors and its committees, in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation and the Company’s Charter and bylaws. The Corporate Secretary ensures the proper implementation of procedures aimed at exercising the rights and protecting the legitimate interests of shareholders, and oversight of their execution, and is the person responsible for disclosing insider information.

The Corporate Secretary ensures communication between the Company and government bodies, trade organizers, the registrar and other professional participants in the securities market and executes their instructions within the framework of her powers.

The functions of the Corporate Secretary also include organizing, monitoring and/or implementing the legal requirements for the timely, complete and reliable disclosure of information by the Company; maintaining a list of the Company’s insiders; and notifying Company insiders of their inclusion on or exclusion from the list of the Company’s insiders.

Information about the Corporate Secretary

Olga Shalgacheva

Born in 1983

  • Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (specializing in conomics and Business Management, qualification as an engineer-economist), 2007
  • Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (translator from English into Russian in technical specialties), 2007
  • A.S. Griboedov Institute of International Law and Economics (specializing in Jurisprudence, qualified lawyer), 2011
Current position: Corporate Secretary of PJSC

The Corporate Secretary was elected by the Board of Directors of the Company (Minutes No. 144/2018 dated April 24, 2018).

Ownership of shares in the Company’s charter capital


Ownership of the Company’s ordinary shares


The Company did not have any information about transactions made by Ms. Shalgacheva related to the acquisition or disposal of the Company’s shares in the reporting period.

The Company is unaware of the existence of a conflict of interest involving Ms. Shalgacheva (including in relation to her participation in the management bodies of the Company’s competitors).

All positions held in the Company and other organizations over the past five years, in chronological order, including part-time:

04.2014 01.2017 PJSC MDM Bank Corporate Secretary
01.2017 04.2017 PJSC FG Budushcheye Head of Corporate Affairs
04.2017 04.2018 PJSC FG Budushcheye Corporate Secretary
04.2018 Present PJSC Corporate Secretary