Being a leader in innovative technologies is one of M.Video–Eldorado’s key strengths that we are counting on as part of our medium-term strategy to double the size of the business to RUB 1 trillion. Proven IT capabilities and a high level of digitalization of business processes enable the Group to create the best shopping experience and offer unique services using the OneRetail platform, while also ensuring customer loyalty, vendor and partner engagement, and superior operational efficiency. Since its foundation, the Company has accomplished a lot by pioneering the market and constantly innovating—in terms of technology, its business model and its approach to market consolidation. And over nearly the last 30 years, it has grown into a mighty force. We are constantly innovating with a wide range of technologies: from machine learning algorithms to biometrics and blockchain.

In 2020, our IT team accomplished a major task: ensuring that the Group’s online platform continued to operate reliably as the volume of transactions through mobile applications and websites surged (mobile platform turnover soared by 150% to RUB 154 billion, and web platform turnover increased by 76% to RUB 146 billion during the year). The Group also rapidly launched and further developed digital services to improve the shopping experience, including a video consultation service and contactless payment methods. In addition, when restrictions were imposed due to COVID-19, our IT team acted quickly to ensure that central office employees could work reliably and securely from home.

Technology: the foundation of the OneRetail platform

OneRetail is an integrated IT platform that helps to identify customers from the first moment they engage with the Group, regardless of sales channel, and to create the best experience for them at every step along the way to making a purchase.

OneRetail was built based on software systems that use a data management platform and customer profiles to provide seamless access to the information that each customer needs: from potentially interesting products and promotions to delivery options and purchasing merchandise on credit. The Group interacts with customers via a mobile platform that uses the integrated interfaces of customer and in-store consultant applications. We believe the OneRetail platform is structured in such a way that it could be converted to another business, including outside the consumer electronics segment, although this is at the moment beyond our current strategy.

Customer interface
Employee interface
Mobile app shared components
Channel API
Logistics and delivery
Assortment, pricing, promo
Loyalty and campaigns
Vendor management
Customer profile
Data management platform
Reliable operations